Monday, 24 September 2012

Architectural Design 2012

Welcome to the blog showcase by the Year 2 (Secondary 2) students of the School of Science and Technology (SST), Singapore. A showcase by the Art, Design, Media and Technology (ADMT) department, this 'Architectural Design 2012' module was developed with the following objectives:
  • To enable students to apply systemic thinking into architectural works, with considerations being made of the environment as well as other related factors
  • To sharpen the students' visual communication skills, through the creation of visual artefacts
Each Year 2 student was given the task and theme of working on an architectural (re)design project, with the following 3 deliverables: a design journal, a virtual model and a set of digital presentation boards. 2 options were offered to the students to choose. They were:
  • A local food centre
  • A local public park
It was hoped that through the lesson experiences and the required deliverables, students would be able to appreciate and understand the systemic considerations needed to resolve large-scale (architectural) challenges. Effective communication skills were also sharpened by getting them to work on presenting their ideas effectively on presentation boards. Through deepening these understanding, students would hopefully be able to apply some of the lessons acquired in  this module into other areas, subjects and even other aspects of their lives.

The following 2 pages showcased the exemplary works done by these 13- to 14-year old students. Subsequent page will exhibit some of the other formative works and ICT-/media-enriched approaches by the teachers in lessons typical of an SST/ADMT classroom environment. Hopefully viewers would have an opportunity to appreciate the learning processes and outcomes of the students too.

Critiques, comments and feedback are most certainly welcomed. Do take the time to view and enjoy their digital artefacts. Hoping that you would enjoy the showcase, and the efforts put in by these students, and the teachers.

Irfan Darian
Subject Head (ADMT/SST)
24th September 2012