Deepening their learning...

1) Capturing ideas: 
Some performance tasks were designed to get students to work on uncovering their understanding on spaces and layouts of the places that they are working on, or are going to work on. Below are pictures of some of the students works.

2) Leveraging on other contexts: 
Another task that was given to the students was to work on a proposed floor plan for a hypothetical school fun fair. In this exercise, students form teams to work on how to optimise the space available on them. They learned about the importance of space-planning and layouts, functional proximity of stalls, and the importance of understanding human behaviour in such an situation, to plan for their food and game stalls.

3) Using roleplay in media: 
Students formed teams to work on the accessibility issues faced potentially by various authentic target audiences (e.g. new contractor, teacher-visitor, etc). A video was used to capture their role-play, to be played during subsequent lessons, for review and to help identify points that they might have missed from their initial observations.

4) Leveraging on social media:
A Facebook group was created to deliver and collate all the key learning points. It was not only used to deliver pictures of slides, but also leveraged on to elicit responses from students during and after lessons, as well as for monitoring their progress. Below are some screenshots.


5Bridging real-world contexts: 
A talk by an architect with his own practice was organised to give a real architect's perspective on what is architecture all about. Below is a pdf copy of the slides:

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